Monday, June 22, 2009

ProFootballTalk Predicts NFC East

ProFootballTalk did an over-under for each of the NFC East team.
They predicted the Giants would have 10 wins, without really adding any commentary to that.
They predicted the Eagles would have more than 10 wins, taking note of the speedy receiving corp. He also said that the Westbrook Injury is nothing to worry about, it seems like it's overhyped. Lesean McCoy and Leonard Weaver will both play well in Westbrook's potential absence because of the blocking provided by the offensive line.
They predicted that the Cowboy's would have 9 wins, taking note of the team chemistry. He cited the report coming fro the Cowboy's that T.O. was released so Romo could step into his role as a leader.
If he was a leader you would never have had to release T.O. He could lead no matter who's in the locker room.

They predicted that the Redskins would have over 7 wins. Jim Zorn and Jason Campbell are playing for their balls.

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