Saturday, June 27, 2009

Juan Castillo Controversy

This is what I find hard to believe. Juan Castillo is definitely one of the best offensive line coaches in the NFL. He has been with the Eagles since before the Andy Reid era, and has earned Andy Reid's respect in every way. When you draft low round tackle's and know that Juan will eventually turn them into solid players. Look at this way, last year when Shawn Andrew's went down, Max-Jean Gilles had to step in. When MJG went down, Nick Cole had to step in. The very solid depth at offseason is amazing. This is why this controversy surrounding our beloved coach is so ridiculous.

"Eagles offensive line coach Juan Castillo is scheduled to be honored by his hometown of Port isabel, Texas and being given the key to the city.

This was a classic case of a young man who has climbed his way up from the bottom and become a tremendous success in a very demanding field.

Unfortunately, it's turned into a controversy because they have sceduled the event for July 4th which of course is Independence Day.

A number of the city's citizens object to him being honored on that date. They say that is a special date which should be reserved for honoring the people who have helped attain and maintain our freedom."

The fact that this man can not be honored by his hometown is ridiculous. We'll do it for you here in Philly!

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