Friday, July 10, 2009

Some News...

Sorry Guys, I've been really busy lately.
Here are two posts from the Eagle Tarian I'm just going to copy here.
Ingram Says No Problems With Knee
This has to be good news for Eagles fans: Rookie tight end Cornelius Ingram reports that his surgically repaired left knee has had no problems during his summer training.

Ingram tore the ACL in a preseason workout last August and missed Florida’s national championship season. He then slid to the fifth round in the NFL draft because of concerns about the injury. The Eagles grabbed Ingram with the 153rd overall pick and he was instantly hailed as one of the “steals” of the draft.

“This summer has just been about getting back out there and getting back into doing the little things like fundamentals, running and catching,” he told the Gainesville Sun. “Everything else has been fine.”

Ingram said he felt like he picked up the system pretty quickly during the minicamps and OTAs this spring.

“I’ve been catching on really good with the offense,” he said. “I’ve had the opportunity to be in there and get a lot of reps. My knee has been healthy the entire time. I’ve been getting better every day. I can see that I’m making strides and I feel real good about where I’m at right now.”
He also said that he made sure not to allow his fall in the draft to affect his attitude or performance once he landed with the Eagles. He easily could have come in with a chip on his shoulder and feeling like he had something to prove to the teams that passed him by. The Eagles signed him to a 4-year contract reportedly worth $1.9 million.
“I told myself that I wasn’t going to start off like that, because I feel like everything happens for a reason,” he said. “I don’t want to go out and put so much pressure on myself to do something that I wasn’t used to doing.
“My whole mindset was to be relaxed when I started my first camp and make sure I get better. I didn’t want to do something crazy like re-injuring my knee because I was trying to impress someone.”

And Regarding Jon Runyan
It's funny (and probably sad) how often ideas for MTC pop into my head.
I was in the 12 items or less line at the Columbus Boulevard Wal-Mart tonight and realized I was going to be waiting for awhile to pay for my Soft Batch cookies, Right Guard deodorant and other assorted items.
So I took out my Blackberry to check on the Phils and then jumped on Twitter to see that PFT had posted an item on Jon Runyan.
And that's when I remembered I meant to write about Runyan earlier today.
Better late than never, right?
The veteran offensive lineman was on WIP yesterday with Glen Macnow and Anthony Gargano to discuss the death of his former teammate, Steve McNair.
But near the end of the interview, he provided an injury/rehab update.
"I'm doing well, haven't had any setbacks," Runyan said, adding that the doctor told him to ramp up his activity before seeing him again in about four weeks.
Runyan said he's right on pace and was told he won't miss any of the season.
But has he heard from any teams?
"I hear from teams occasionally, but it's more of a 'When are you gonna be ready?' And I'm like 'I'll call you when I'm ready,'" he said.
Gargano suggested half-jokingly that he'd probably be 'ready' as soon as training camp was over.
"Probably exactly that day," Runyan said.
When asked if he had any desire to be in Lehigh in August, the 14-year veteran responded, "Why? Do you have a desire to go up there and broadcast?"
So it appears he'll continue to rehab, see how injuries and contract squabbles play out during training camp and then hopefully join a team in mid-to-late August

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